It does have a photo sync feature, but that’s just for copying photos from your PC to your iPhone. Streaming content to your TV from an iPad or iPhone is a great idea if you want a bigger screen to see your movies or photos. On my 5C, I didn't have iCloud Photo Library on (and same on my Mac, because my entire library exceeded my iCloud storage of 5GB), so I assume I had My Photo Stream on. When photo stream enabled, when you take a photo it is added to your photo stream, then any device sharing your iCloud account with photo stream enabled will receive a copy of the photo. If you are missing photos in your Photo stream on your iPhone, try the steps listed below to see if they can be located on your device. So I turned this on my iPhone, but no photos that were on my Mac have appeared on my iPhone - even if I import … You can also stream apps, games, and more from your iOS device directly to … If you can't find your My Photo Stream images in the Photos app, follow these steps: From the Home screen, tap Settings > Wi-Fi. I have now upgraded to an iPhone 6S and none of the photos on my Mac are on my iPhone Photos Library. Everything else came to my phone but I have 50 photos on my phone, all of which I have taken since setting up the new phone, none of which were from my photo stream. Sinc your phone is such a device, it receives a duplicate copy of the photo (at a somewhat lower resolution) in the My Photo Stream album on your phone. In fact, Apple’s iTunes software doesn’t even have a built-in way to copy photos from your iPhone to your PC. Make sure that Wi-Fi is on, and that you have an Internet connection. You will have to manually delete the photos or albums in your photo stream . Disabling photo stream does not remove the photos inside your photo stream. Are older Photo Stream photos missing, or or are new photos uploaded from your Mac not appearing on your iPhone? iPhone 11 Pro. Even then, it might take a few hours before iCloud erases most traces of the photos or albums in the photo stream. Triple appareil photo (ultra grand‑angle, grand‑angle, téléobjectif) Jusqu’à 20 heures de lecture vidéo 1; Résistant à l’eau jusqu’à 4 mètres de profondeur pendant 30 minutes maximum 2; Écran Super Retina XDR 5,8″ ou 6,5″ 3 I have a MacBook Air and I used iTunes to back it up.

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