Established in 2013, SuperShiok Family Catering (SHIOKUNTILBLUR™) offers delicious, hassle-free products that promise convenience, quality and uncompromising great taste. Our food is prepared daily to ensure absolute freshness, with no preservatives or added artificial food coloring. We are currently based in Singapore but are slowly spreading the love for SuperShiok Sambal™ to other parts of the region!

Versatility, Convenience, Quality & Uncompromising Great Taste
Our aim is to continuously deliver products tnatpromise versatility, convenience, excellent quality without compromising great taste.

SuperShiok Sambal™
Started as a social media phenomenon, our SuperShiok Sambal™ is made from 100% fresh chilli & other fresh ingredients, ensuring delicious fresh quality chilli hot spice with every bite. The delicious and unique spicy flavour of the SuperShiok Sambal™ makes it the perfect companion to create mouth-watering meals.

Versatile in all cooking applications and convenient to use as an all-purpose condiment, the SuperShiok Sambal™ is the perfect choice for both dipping and cooking to give your meals that extra fiery kick and spicy twist! Have it with any food you like, to make you like it even more! Simply add a scoop of SuperShiok Sambal™ to transform your meal into a spicy treat.

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