Here at Shiok Until Blur, we truly value our customers and their support and loyalty. We’re pleased to introduce the SuperShiok VIP Membership Programme, which entitles members to 10% off all products listed on our website!


How To Qualify For The SuperShiok VIP Membership
To qualify, simply accumlate $300 worth of spending on our website within 1 year. We’ve got our tracking tools ready and we’ve been keeping records of all our customer’s orders since the launch of our website in March 2014 so don’t you worry!

How Does It Work?
Once you hit $300 worth of spending on our website, our system will automatically notify us and you will be entitled to 10% off all products from your next order onwards! You will receive a welcome email from us with your username and password for our website which will give you access to the special rates! Upon logging into your account on our website, the screen will reflect the discounted prices.

* Please ensure that you make use of the same email address every time you place your order online to ensure that the system successfully captures and accurately accumulates your spending.

SuperShiok VIP Membership Benefits

  • 10% off all products listed on our website ( for 1 year
  • Exclusive invites to events and special product launches

Terms & Conditions
1. This VIP membership is only issued to customers who have accumulated a total spending of $300 & above on our website.
2. This membership entitles cardholder to 10% off all products purchased on our website: and is not valid with any other promotion.
3. Membership is strictly non-transferable and is only valid up to its date of expiry.4. It is important for a member to notify us whenever there is a change of mailing addresses so that regular communication between Shiok Until Blur and member can be maintained.
4. Once a member’s VIP membership expires, he or she is required to accumulate $300 worth of spending in order to re qualify for the programme for another essays onlinewrite my college essays