SuperShiok Sambal Kicap


Perfect for dipping, our SuperShiok Sambal Kicap is a highly versatile sauce that subtly blends spice and sweetness together.  It’s equally as spicy as our original SuperShiok Sambal, but with a soya sauce base! Always have a bottle of SuperShiok Sambal Kicap in your refrigerator, for the possibilities with this sauce are plenty!

Product Information
Made daily with 100% fresh chilli and other fresh ingredients, ensuring delicious and quality chilli hot spice with every scoop. Comes in a standard 250ml bottle.

Keep refrigerated at all times. Once opened, continue to keep in the fridge and consume within 60 days.

Tips & Usage
To use it for cooking, add to stir fries a few minutes before the end of cooking. Alternatively, you can also glaze it over meat / fish before grilling, or simply use it as a dipping sauce for your daily meals.

Best Eaten With
Fried fish, grilled fish, fried chicken, rice, mee soto, goreng pisang